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Company Profile

Leading experts in the global maritime industry over the years

Braveheart Resources Ltd is an established name in the marine industry, providing services to buyers and sellers of newbuild, second hand and recycle marine assets. Over the years we have formed long lasting relationships on the basis of the services that we have provided. We can count among our clientele, several renowned and established names. We at Braveheart Resources Ltd take great pride in our work and strive to achieve perfection in all that we do.
Our team operates worldwide and always tries to remain well-informed of current market conditions so that we may be able to give valuable advice and information to our clients. We consider our relationship with our clients to be of the utmost importance and we place great value on the strong interpersonal bonds we have cultivated. In today’s challenging and truly global business environment, Braveheart Resources Ltd, endeavours to offer the highest quality services in a professional and effective way for the benefit of its clientele.